Friday, November 5, 2010


One day soon, I'll be talking to Grant about some custom work on a revolver. It might be a Colt Python, a S&W Model 22 of 1917, a S&W Model 13 3" barrel or a Colt New Service .45 ACP. Or maybe another gun, but really those are the ones I've narrowed it down to.

Grant Cunningham has a blog and a website and quite a reputation as a revolver gunsmith. Take some time to look around his site at the guns he's done. There are magazine articles out there as well featuring his work.

As for me, I'd like a nice trigger job, have the timing, etc checked all out and made right, as well as a dehorning and on the older Smith and Colt, some major front sight improvement. I've seen Grant's work both on his website and in magazines. Nice work.

Although I have a Model 22 of 1917, I've been begged and pleaded and convinced not to alter it. I'll post a link later linking to some earlier posts on the El Fishing Musician blog about this gun, it's history and how my regular gunsmith and gun dealer/finder nearly cried real tears when I told him I wanted the gun chopped to a snubby.

Real tears.

In any event, I could get a new or gently used new manufacture Model 22 of 1917 and the prices are not really bad. I assume any gunsmith would do the work then, since the newly made 22's of '17 have the safety lock deal on them. I've been looking out for Colt New Service guns for years, and the ones I've found have been rather beat. I know there are some good guns out there, it's just finding them, and I like to touch the actual gun before I buy it, so that rules out auction sites for the most part.

In any event, I'll continue to stew in the creative juices of what gun will end up getting modified for carry in the near future by Mr. Cunningham. By the time I bother him, I want a firm idea of what I want.

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